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"March against whiteness" is "wrongness"

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Despicable, deplorable, obscene, and intolerant are words that come to mind every time I see this story, "Mass Shooters & the March Against Whiteness". I pray this event fails due to low turnout and public disapproval. Americans should see this as hostile to unity and a direct threat to racial reconciliation.

With the words, "We the people" and "for domestic tranquility", our Preamble, in all its brevity, undergirds and proclaims the spirit, values, and principles in our Constitution as virtuous and essential to human flourishing in America. The event highlighted above does nothing to advance American ideals. In fact, it does sheer violence to our very notion of who we are as the "United States of America" no matter our faults and failures historically. That said, Christians must reclaim the argument on race by extolling the virtues of biblical truth and what it means to be made in the image of God as expressed in scripture. Equally, Christians MUST reclaim the public square by rallying around biblical truth and using it as THE source to challenge and defeat racial untruth and divisive racial dogma.

From the body of Christ to the body politic, America has been plagued by the problem of racism ever since(1). Slavery, injustice, oppression, inequality, conflict, violence, and stigma have been the destructive outcomes of racism and its pathology, and the American experiment has suffered greatly. In both spirit and practice, Christians must acknowledge the wrath of racism in our history, but affirm that humanity’s inherent value is centered in the eternal truth that we are beings created in the image of God and that this essence is inviolable and incompatible with any notion of racial superiority whatsoever. We affirm that through God’s sovereignty and authority, we are empowered over the evils of racism to reconcile with one another to create better realities whereby humanity can truly prosper and flourish. This is the message that must overcome and overwhelm all that the March against Whiteness represents. We must stand united as one race and for the common good in America.


  1. Harry Jackson Jr. and Tony Perkins make this point with the the following statement: "Racism is one of America's original sins and one of the toughest problems to overcome. It has plagued the nation since before its independence. At the same time, African Americans have embraced Christ almost as long as they have bee on this continent." See pg.134 in Personal Faith, Public Policy. Chapter 8 is devoted entirely to the topic of race and reconciliation and provides great historical analysis and perspective through a Christian worldview.

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