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Liberia: State of Depravity and Desperation

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

From politics to currency, admittedly, I know very little about Liberia, its country or its people. That said, I recently came across a stirring story at titled Preventing Another Bloodbath in LIberia: A Case for International Intervention. The author, Gabriel I.H. Williams, a credible and highly regarded former Liberian Diplomat and Deputy Minister of Information, laid bare his country's sins in a shock-and-awe expose of gross state corruption at all levels. In short, Williams portrays Liberia as a country in deep moral crisis, a country that appears to be teetering on the brink of collapse unless world leaders act with utmost urgency through a broad spectrum of economic, political, and peacekeeping initiatives so that tLIberia does not worsen beyond recognition.

I am pleased to know that the United States is sounding the alarm. Congressman Chris Smith apparently has used his status as Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on AFrica to warn of impending Magnitsky Act sanctions against President Weah's oppressive regime if rampant human rights abuses and corruption don't stop.

LIberia is a war-torn country, where over 250,000 of its citizens were killed during decades of civil war. Despots have plundered and pillaged Liberia into abject ruin with impunity. Williams concludes his article with a sobering message to the world community:

It is, therefore, unfortunate that Liberia appears to be slipping back into the dark days reminiscent of the eras of brutal dictators Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor, respectively. As was the case during the two despotic regimes, it appears that the police and other state security apparatus are being used as instruments of state terror to suppress dissent and stifle democratic governance.

Against this background, it is imperative that the international community engage the Liberian government and stakeholders to prevent another bloodbath in Liberia, as well as to put the country back on a course of peace and progress.

Congressman Chris Smith is a beacon of light whose efforts need rapid and relentless support globally to help reverse the looming catastrophe. Rep. Smith's statement can be found at I encourage everyone to read about and follow closely the events in LIberia. Please contact Rep. Smith and the House Subcommittee on Africa to support and inspire a robust global response that will hopefully motivate global governments, media, and concerned citizens to demand increased accountability and resolution in LIberia so the suffering can end.

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