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Governor Northam: Integrity is a Credibility Issue

Updated: May 22, 2020

It seems that Governor Northam will be a topic of interest for a while due to his recent political and integrity shortcomings. Last week I concluded that Northam's credibility as governor is irreparably damaged because he has no moral authority due to the racially offensive photos that surfaced and are on his 1984 medical school yearbook page. He is morally and politically challenged to promote the virtues, ideals, and principles of the US Constitution and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In essence, his presence is a calamity of contradictions: racial fairness vs racial mockery, Hippocratic Oath vs euthanasia hypocrite, Constitutional authority vs political power, moral authority vs moral ineptness, moral accountability vs moral duplicity, credibility vs compromise.

I was intrigued by the February 4 article, Virginia Governor Contradicts Oath of Hippocrates, States Association of American Physicians and Surgeons that appeared online at The article highlights Northam's ghoulish defense of legislative infanticide, which was the beginning of his political decline.

My primary purpose for this writing is simply to bolster my argument from last week which asserts that Governor Northam's moral credibility is irreparably damaged thus making him unfit for the title of governor. The embattled governor has no moral voice on matters of race, the unborn, the public trust, or leadership integrity and, as the above article notes, he has willfully disregarded and exchanged his professional oath to save life for legislation that betrays this fundamental duty. This is moral compromise at its worst, and if he is willing to abandon his oath and thereby make a vulnerable newborn expendable, his conscience is seared beyond recognition. Northam's race revelation proves his character and moral constitution are lacking and unfit for high office. His defense of legislation that supports infanticide is unconscionable. Northam's integrity is a credibility issue that makes his political leadership morally hazardous and mute.

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