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COVID-19 and The UN: UNacceptable, UNsound, and UNaccountable

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Never shy about issuing moral platitudes when it comes to their obvious environmental agenda, the article, First Person: COVID-19 is not a silver lining for the climate, says UN Environment chief at UN News, exposes their environmental narrative as exploitative climate-change dogma.

Rather than address the Chinese Community Party's (CCP) reprehensible coverup and obfuscation of the facts that launched the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN Environmental Chief seems more interested in human wildlife encroachment, cleaner and greener policies, and "keeping nature rich, diverse and flourishing". So rich is the environmental propaganda that the controversies surrounding wet markets and the wildlife trade are treated as mere footnotes and incidentals to the brutal realities of our growing pandemic tendencies. The quote below is an example of UN dogma that uses COVID-19 as an on-ramp to the more important issue of environmentalism.

The “wild” must be kept “wild.” It is time to restore our forests, stop deforestation, invest in the management of protected areas, and propel markets for deforestation-free products. Where the legal wildlife trade chain exists, we need to do a far better job of improving hygiene conditions. And of course, there is the urgent need to tackle the illegal wildlife trade, the fourth most common crime committed worldwide.  

The article concludes with a challenge to the world to use post COVID-19 strategy as a pathway to transition to a "different way of life". In UN terms, this means global transformation and global acceptance of the UN's broader "Mother Earth" agenda. No, I'm not opposing environmental considerations at all. I'm all for stewardship and humane, responsible, and reasonable approaches to protecting wildlife, nature, and the Earth that God created for humanity. My criticism with this piece and the thinking behind it, however, is that there's no treatment of wrongdoing against the Chinese Communist Party whatsoever. I went into this in greater detail in my last blog and won't belabor the point here. Instead, I will reiterate that in the absence of accountability, I find UN thinking, or the lack thereof, UNacceptable, UNsound, and UNaccountable when it comes to truth, transparency, and the CCP's incorrigible and reckless behavior toward the world. From moral cowardice to moral compromise, it is painfully clear that the UN has a serious credibility problem, and as long as they continue to ignore the importance of holding the CCP accountable to the world community for the suffering and harms it has caused, it will remain complicit in CCP wrongdoing and forever crippled as an organization.

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