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Welcome to IOUintegrity, a blog-site providing regular commentary on politics, business, government, and other matters pertaining to civic and public affairs.  Today we are witnessing a rise in corruption, public distrust, and moral failure. From politics and business to media and government, we believe a renewed emphasis on character and integrity can help move us beyond the limitations and inefficiencies of the compliance and ethics industries to more responsible and responsive leaders and institutions.  Hardly a difference without a distinction, integrity speaks to completeness and excellence and should not be reduced to a checklist of ethical do's and don'ts.  IOUintegrity seeks to elevate and ground institutional and leadership integrity in character, principles, and moral expectations for improved standards of accountability and more effective outcomes for the common good.  Properly understood and applied, we owe it to ourselves and others to do and be our best without compromise.  This is a reasonable expectation, and IOUintegrity is committed to influencing and empowering leaders to higher standards of excellence and moral expectations.

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