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She is respected by her peers and her stage presence is peerless. But what if that were not enough? Kamala Lakshmanan is also an exceptional producer and an extraordinary singer. Those qualities combined to create an evening of pure bliss. Sahasranamam is one of the most revered and mesmerising music concerts. On the occasion of Sahasranamam 2020, eight of the leading singers of our times, Rajni Sathish, Ilayaraja, Shubha Mudgal, Radha Ravi, JB Raja, Sanjay Subramaniam, Lakshmi Narayanan and Kamala Lakshmanan gave concert in the historic Bangalore Palace Auditorium. When I saw the posters of the concert I was overwhelmed! The image that came to my mind was that of a music conclave of the sixties, with these seven greats of our times, performing their legendary hits. No wonder, I say, they have been referred to as " the seven sages " of Carnatic music. The concert took place on January 20th, 2020. This concert was essentially two concerts in one. As the legends from Carnatic Music have been singing together for almost a century, we have all heard their songs in one form or the other. This is the first time that they have performed their masterpieces with the same passion as in the past. The best of all is that their voices have not undergone any change whatsoever. But the dynamics of their singing is just as spectacular as it was in the past. They have maintained their originality and have even found newer ways of presenting the songs. Rajni, who is the soprano to end all sopranos and Ilayaraja, who is the orchestrator to end all orchestrators, deserve all the praise for their outstanding performances. The whole evening would have been perfect if I were a music lover. But there is one aspect of the concert which I would like to point out. Since the eight singers come from five different parts of the country, they have been recording a song each from each place where they have stayed. Each of the singers are from different parts of India and, of course, they have all been singing in the original languages of each country. I found the concept of each singer singing in their own language



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Flashtool V0.8.6.0. Nicola Esser Prgramm

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